The goal of a teacher card is to get books into the hands of children and to support teachers that are doing just that. The Library has instituted more forgiving and generous circulation rules to help fit the special needs of teachers.

While billable for lost items, teacher cards are not charged for overdue items. Loan periods are longer and hold limits are greater than normal cards. Please be aware however that the teacher card is to be used for curriculum-related materials, not for personal reading or viewing interests. Problems with delayed return of materials or other abuses can result in cancellation of the card by the library.

Circulation Rules for Teacher Cards:

Overdue Threshold 50 items
Bill Threshold $250
Charge Limit 150 items
Hold Limit 50 items
Billable for lost material? YES
Overdue Fine Exempt? YES
Loan Period 28 days with one renewal

When contacted, staff will try to accommodate teachers who need books pulled or need help finding materials.