Set your child up for success! Our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program is specifically designed to help parents and caregivers prepare their children for one of life’s biggest milestones: kindergarten. Children who enroll in the program will enjoy more and more books as they acquire the skills to read independently and to articulate their thoughts and ideas.

Through the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program, children will enhance the 6 reading skills needed in order to learn or read: narrative skills, phonological awareness, print motivation, vocabulary, print awareness, and letter knowledge. The program has also been designed to strengthen relationships between children and their caregivers and to encourage children to develop an appreciation for the library and the role it plays as a venue for lifelong learning in the community. In short, embarking on this unique journey will give children a chance to develop strong, life-altering literacy skills.

Parents and children will keep track of their reading progress on Beanstack. Children will earn badges for every 50 books they read to emphasize the positive benefits of reading. For every 50 books read, visit the library to collect the child’s reward. Children will also get to choose a name badge to visualize their reading journey progress on our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten bulletin board. Upon completion of the program, a book will be purchased for the library in the child’s honor and their picture can be taken for our 1,000 Books wall of Fame, our Facebook page, and the Newspaper!

We do have a paper log available if using Beanstack is not an option. Just stop at the front desk and talk to one of the friendly library staff. We are eager to help our little readers grow!