1. The library shall follow all health emergency orders of the Federal, State, and Local officials.
  2. The library shall follow health guidelines set out by the Center for Disease Control, Wisconsin Department of Health, and Waushara County Health to provide a healthy environment for the patrons and staff of the Wautoma Public Library.
  3. When determining protocol for library services when there are health emergencies, the library shall take into consideration recommendations from the Governor of Wisconsin, DPI: Public Library Division, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and Winnefox Library System.
  4. Staff and patrons may be required or requested to wear face masks as recommended by public health officials.
  5. Library services may be temporarily limited or unavailable as recommended by public health officials and determined by the Library Director.
  6. Library hours may be adjusted on a temporary basis due to health emergencies.
  7. Patrons may be denied services if they indicate they are ill or are visibly ill.
  8. Changes to library service due to health emergencies will be determined by the Library Director. Any changes lasting longer than two weeks will require Library Board approval, unless determined otherwise.

Adopted and approved by the Wautoma Library Board of Trustees 11/10/20 HK
Reviewed 4/13/21 HK