The Wautoma Public Library computers, laptops, projector, copy machine, and television and game systems are available for use by the public.

  1. Computer Use Guidelines
    1. Library staff are available for general assistance but may not be able to help with specific computer-related questions. Computer use information, as well as cardholder information, is confidential.
    2. A Winnefox library card is required for patrons wishing to use a computer. Users must agree to the internet access policy. A guest pass is available upon request.
    3. Users will be allowed an initial session length of one hour. Users may extend their session for an additional hour if no other patrons are waiting to use a computer. A second session is subject to termination if another patron requests a computer.
    4. Computers are available on a first come, first served basis.
    5. After session completion, the patron is required to restart their computer. Upon restarting, all files are removed and search history is deleted.
    6. Printing is available from the computer workstations.
  2. Laptop Use Guidelines
    1. A library card or photo ID is required to borrow a laptop.
    2. Users may not leave the library with a laptop. Leaving the library building with an in-house laptop will be considered theft of library property and will be reported to the authorities.
    3. Do not leave the laptop unattended.
    4. Be careful with the library laptop. Keep it safe from liquids and do not drop it.
    5. Do not attempt to troubleshoot problems with the laptop.
    6. Immediately report to library staff any loss of, or damage to, a laptop.
    7. Laptops may not be reserved and will be obtainable on a first come, first served basis.
    8. Laptop users are expected to comply with acceptable library computer and internet access policies.
  3. Copy Machine Guidelines
    1. The library provides a self-service photocopier/printer/scanner/fax machine for patron use.
    2. Cost is $0.15 for a black and white copy or print. Executive size (11” by 17”) is counted as two pages.
    3. Color copies or prints are $0.25 per page.
    4. The library staff will determine if a copy or print is of acceptable quality for payment.
    5. Copies and prints must be paid for at the circulation desk when they are made.
    6. Patrons must abide by the 1976 Copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code). Except as permitted by fair use or other copyright exemptions, Wautoma Public Library Internet users may not reproduce, display, or distribute copyrighted materials. Responsibility for any consequences or copyright infringement lies with the user. The library disclaims any responsibility resulting from such use.
  4. Fax Machine Guidelines
    1. The library has a fax service available for patron convenience, but we ask that a staff member assist or instruct the user in the operation of the machine.
    2. The library asks for a $1 donation per page for long-distance faxes, not exceeding $10.
    3. Cover sheets are free and available upon request.
    4. Local and toll-free numbers are free.
    5. Faxes to out-of-country numbers are not allowed.
    6. A confirmation page will print at no cost.
    7. The library has no control over busy lines, bad connections, or faxes that will not transmit.
    8. Donations for faxes may be made at the circulation desk once they have gone through.
    9. Incoming faxes are charged at the rate of $0.15 a page.
  5. TV Use Guidelines
    1. The TV in the Meeting room may be used free of charge for individuals and groups who have reserved the room.
    2. Use of the TV falls under the Library’s Internet Use Policy and Patron Code of Conduct.
    3. Do not show content that may be construed as obscene or harmful to minors, as defined by law (e.g., graphic scenes of violence and/or sexual content and scenes that depict nudity).
    4. Do not make unauthorized changes to the setup or configuration of the TV.
    5. Any audio-visual materials brought into the library to be shown or heard must have “Public Performance” rights in accordance with federal copyright law.
    6. Follow instructions for using USBs, apps on the TV, and HDMI components.
    7. The TV manual is available for further questions.
    8. The user is responsible for any damage to the TV and its components during Meeting Room use and will be charged the full amount for any repairs or replacements necessary.
  6. Game System Use Guidelines
    1. Gaming is offered to encourage visits to the library, expose patrons to the various services available at the library, and to make visits to the library desirable to the public. Patrons ages 9 and older may use the gaming system in the Meeting Room. Children under age 9 must play under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Patrons are required to read and agree to the terms of this policy prior to using the system.
    2. Patrons must have a valid Wautoma Public Library card in good standing (no fines more than $10.00).
    3. All games must be age-appropriate.
    4. Outside games may be used with prior approval from library staff.
    5. Games and accessories will be kept at the Circulation Desk when not in use.
    6. Games and controllers will be checked out from the Circulation desk and may not be taken from the library. A patron may check out one game and one controller at a time.
    7. The Gaming System may be used throughout the day unless the room is scheduled for use.
    8. Gamers agree to keep the volume and noise level low and refrain from swearing, vulgar, foul, or inappropriate language and actions.
    9. Gamers agree to treat the equipment respectfully.
    10. The Gaming system will be shut down 15 minutes before the library closes.
  7. Projector Use Guidelines
    1. The Wautoma Public Library projector is available for meeting room use. The projector is intended for library use only but may be checked out at the library director’s discretion in cases of pressing need.
    2. A photo ID is required and will be held until the projector is returned to the front desk. In the case of check-out, a security deposit will be required. Individuals must be 18 or older to use the projector. Any damage to the projector will be billed to the user.

Adopted and approved by the Wautoma Library Board 02/14/23 HK