An employee’s appearance reflects the library image to the public.

  1. Staff should present a business-like appearance and not wear clothes, buttons, or symbols that are issue-oriented and controversial in the framework of our community.
  2. Staff are expected to be clean and practice good personal hygiene.
  3. As all employees are in contact with the library’s external and/or internal customers, the library asks that all employees refrain from wearing excessive fragrance (perfume, cologne, or lotions).
  4. Unacceptable apparel:
    1. Miniskirts, tight skirts, short shorts, or cutoffs
    2. Faded, torn, or stained clothing
    3. Sheer or revealing clothing
    4. Tank tops, halter tops, or cropped tops
    5. Sweatpants, exercise pants or leggings as pants
    6. Clothing with profanity or sexually suggestive content
    7. Clothing or pins containing political statements, slogans, or campaign related information
    8. Beach flip-flops, slippers, or holey and dirty footwear.

Adopted and approved by the Wautoma Library Board of trustees 5/2/18 HK
Updated 3/4/20 HK