1. The Library Director shall determine the library privileges each borrower will receive and reserves the right to limit such privileges.
  2. Most materials will be loaned for 21 days with the following exceptions:
    1. Popular books marked “short loan” and “Lucky Day” will be loaned for 14 days.
    2. DVDs will be loaned for 7 days.
    3. Video games will be loaned for 7 days.
    4. Interlibrary Loan items will be loaned as marked.
    5. Electronic Devices are loaned for 14 days.
  3. Reference materials
    1. Reference materials may only be used within the library with a library card or license used to verify user.
  4. Renewals
    1. Items belonging to the Wautoma Public Library may be renewed twice.
    2. No material will be renewed if reserved for another patron except with the approval of the Director.
    3. No renewal of Interlibrary Loan materials except with the approval of the Director.
    4. Materials may be renewed using the library’s online catalog, shoutbomb, calling the library, or coming to the library.
  5. Fines and restrictions
    1. The Wautoma Library will not collect fines on most overdue materials.
      1. Fines may still accrue on patron cards from other libraries.
      2. No patron may checkout materials or reserve materials if there is a $10.00 or larger bill on his or her library card.
      3. Patrons who sign up for email or text notifications will receive a courtesy pre-due notice followed by overdue notices.
  6. Overdue and damaged items
    1. A bill for replacement of lost materials will be sent when an item is 30 days overdue.
      1. Library staff will attempt to contact patrons with long overdue materials by phone and in writing in an effort to have materials returned.
      2. If after two attempts the items still are not returned, patrons with more than $100 in LOST bills may be referred to the local police department for assistance in the recovery of unreturned materials.
      3. If materials are returned to the library without damage, there is no penalty, and the bill is removed from the user’s account.
      4. With agreement from the Director, patrons may purchase a brand-new replacement copy.
    2. If a formerly lost and paid for item is returned to the library within six months of payment, a refund may be given at the discretion of the Director with Library Board approval.
      1. The patron will be asked for the receipt at the time of their refund payment. If a receipt is not available, other proof of payment will be requested.
      2. A copy of the receipt will be submitted as an invoice to, and will be paid via check mailed out from, City Hall.
    3. Materials returned damaged will be evaluated for condition by the library staff. If unsuitable for return to circulation, the replacement cost of the damaged item will be added to the patron’s account. The damaged item will be returned to the patron at the discretion of the Director.
  7. Reserves
    1. Patrons may reserve up to 50 items owned by libraries in the Winnefox Library System using the online catalog or by speaking with a librarian on the phone or in person.
    2. Patrons may reserve no more than 3 items owned by libraries outside of the Winnefox Library System at a time.
    3. Patrons will be notified by phone or email when items are available for pick up.
    4. Reserved items not picked up after a week, will go to the next patron in line or returned to the shelf at its owning library.
  8. Borrowing Limitations
    1. Patrons may have a total of 100 items borrowed on a card at any time.
    2. If 20 or more items are overdue on a card, no new checkouts may occur.
    3. If a patron has a lost item on their account, checkouts are prohibited until the item is returned or replaced.
    4. If a patron habitually returns items damaged or long overdue, limitations may be set at the Director’s discretion.
  9. Electronic Devices
    1. The Wautoma Public Library has electronic devices that can be checked out by patrons.
    2. Eligible borrowers
      1. Electronic devices are available for current WPL patrons 8 years or older who have a library card with a verified address for at least 60 days.
      2. Current, valid government or college/university photo identification card must also be presented at time of checkout.
      3. Patrons ages 8-17 must have a parent/guardian’s signature noting permission and acceptance of all liabilities for their child’s use of a device.
      4. Patrons who owe $10.00 or more in fines or fees are not eligible to borrow devices until their library account is again in good standing.
      5. Patrons observed abusing equipment or repeatedly late in returning materials may be refused service.
    3. Borrowing guidelines
      1. Devices are available to checkout at the circulation desk with the completion of the Device Loan Agreement.
      2. Device checkouts require a library card and ID and must be made to the individual cardholder only.
      3. Only one device is loaned per person at one time.
      4. The loan period is 14 days.
      5. Devices can be placed on hold and renewed.
      6. Borrowers are responsible for the devices for the entire loan period.
      7. Patrons are not allowed to register, change settings, remove titles, or buy titles on devices.
    4. Return Procedures
      1. The device must be returned during library hours to staff at the circulation desk.
      2. Staff will check the device for damage. If damage has occurred, charges will be assessed accordingly.
    5. Fines and Liability
      1. The borrower assumes all responsibility for the device, including theft.
      2. Patrons are responsible for all costs associated with damage, loss, or theft of the device.
      3. The overdue fine for devices is $1 per day ($30 maximum).
      4. Charges for lost or damaged devices and accessories are listed on the item record in the catalog.
    6. Troubleshooting
      1. If you experience problems with a device, please return to the library with the device and ask staff at the circulation desk for assistance.

Adopted and approved by the Wautoma Library Board of Trustees 5/11/21 HK
Revised 7/13/21 HK