The purpose of this policy is to define when it is appropriate to give gifts and to have celebrations paid for by library funds.

  1. The Wautoma Library strives to maintain a supportive and motivating workplace environment by showing appreciation for staff as individuals and as a group.
    1. On occasion, the library may want to recognize library staff for their dedication and high performance i.e.- regularly filling in for others, creating new events or programs, handling difficult situations successfully, etc.
    2. The library may also recognize library staff with holiday celebrations, team morale-building events, expressions of sympathy (immediate family only), or retirement.
    3. Special life events for library Staff including the birth of a baby, marriage, and birthdays may also be recognized.
  2. The Director is allotted up to $1,200 a year for these purposes which will be tracked internally. The amount will be evaluated each year to determine spending needs.

Adopted and approved by the Wautoma Library Board of Trustees 11/9/21 HK