Tail Wagging Reading Program

Reading aloud can be uncomfortable for anyone, but especially for youth who are uncertain of their abilities and don't practice often. This is why we designed the Tail Wagging Reading Program which provides a fun, engaging, and non-judgmental opportunity for youth to get excited about reading. Benefits of reading aloud to a Therapy Dog include fostering positive attitudes about reading, boosting confidence, and enhancing reading skills as well as other academic skills.

When: Paddy the Therapy Dog is at the Wautoma Library on Tuesdays from 2pm-5pm and by appointment from 5pm-6pm. Call the Library to make an appointment and for current information. Follow us on Facebook for special appearances.

Earn Rewards: Every fifth time a participant (age 2-18) reads to Paddy, they will receive a reward provided by one of our Community Partners.

Read to Paddy: Choose a book off the library shelf or bring your own book to read.

Requirements: Participants ages 2-5 are encouraged to make up a story to the pictures in a book. Ages 6-7 are encouraged to read a picture book or Leveled Reader. Ages 8-9 should read at least 10 minutes. Ages 10+ should read at least 15 minutes.

Our Community Partners include:

Kwik Trip of Wautoma

Country Crate Confectionery

Dairy Queen of Wautoma

Dogger's Bar & Lanes

Casey's of Wautoma

HCE Something Old, Something new

Friends of the Wautoma Library


Chiropractic Health & Wellness

Flyte Family Farms

Jennifer Stagg (Paddy's First Mom & Breeder)

Deb & Perry Hickey (Paddy's Parents)